The New Year has bought great news for house sellers – almost all suburbs in the local area have experienced an increase in capital growth in 2013, with some suburbs positively booming; Macquarie Hills properties rose by over 8%, and properties in Cardiff South increased by nearly 12%.

These aren’t just statics; our sales figures are confirming this. “Properties priced correctly are achieving the best prices, with generally the full price or above being reached,” confirms Fred Andriessen, principal Professionals Fred Andriessen. “What’s more, some properties are selling within days of being placed on the market.”

This is due to our marketing strategies. Not only do we use print and online media to promote a property, advertising it in our three full-colour pages in the papers each week and placing it onto all the major internet portals with professional photography, video and a floor pan, but we also have a large database of seriously interested buyers.

“Our database has over 1,200 screened people on it who have generally been looking for a while,” explains Fred. “Many have come to us because they have already missed out on houses, often because they were acting too slowly, or they were looking for a property with the perfect building report, which they have come to realise simply does not exist”.

“These people are serious about buying the right property, so if one of which they like the look of comes on the market, they will very quickly snap it up”, says Fred. “These buyers are what we call heart buyers and they are not worried about arguing over $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 or even sometimes $10,000 above the market price, as it is more important to get the right property they want; they will still make plenty of capital gain in the long run.”

What’s also great about the market at the moment is it’s not a particular segment which is active; we’re having buyers from across the board with investors, first home buyers and subsequent buyers all being active.

“In addition we have a healthy economy, interest rates are extremely low and look set to remain so, so we expect this increase in capital growth trend to continue for the immediate future”, concludes Fred.

Due to this active market our agency is running extremely low on listings and urgently needs more.

If you’re thinking of selling, give us a ring on 02 4954 8833 or drop us an email and one of our experienced team will be delighted to help you without obligation or pressure !!

Property News Issue 41