Kitchens are often high on the agenda when it comes to buying a house, and bathrooms are usually a close second. Indeed, a bathroom in a property can be a major selling point if presented well.

Be honest with yourself, and put yourself in your viewers’ shoes; if you saw your bathroom in a house would you still buy the property?

Many of us do not have the perfect bathroom and if you’re thinking of selling your house, a costly bathroom renovation may not translate into vast amounts of profit.

A better strategy is to maximise what you already have – but on a budget. Here are some of our cost-effective top tips to improve your bathroom:

  1. Replace any dirty or worn shower curtains, clean and repair glass shower screens. Replacing tinted shower screens with clear glass can also make the room seem much larger.
  2. Clear the vanity and ledges and store all personal items away until after the inspection. This includes cleaning products, bins and even bathroom scales. You want to give the feeling of space – and not remind people of housework or of any kilos they need to lose!
  3. Fix leaking fittings or buy new tap wear – this can really lift the appearance of the room.
  4. Clean any mineral deposits around tap wear – vinegar is often as good (and cheaper!) as commercial cleaners.
  5. Arrange cabinets and drawers with a clean and minimalistic goal in mind – having a half full, well-organised cupboard will create the feeling of more storage space.
  6. Style the room to appeal to the widest variety of buyers. Soften any dominant colours with neutral coloured towels, or if your bathroom is a white or neutral colour add some character and depth with the use of cheerfully coloured linen. Buy new linen if necessary, after all you’ll be taking it with you to your next property!
  7. Paint can be an inexpensive way of neutralising or modernising a bathroom.
  8. Create a clean pleasant aroma using perfumed soaps or oil diffusers.
  9. Get rid of any mould. Mould indicates damp problems and poor ventilation and will put many potential buyers off.

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