People can live almost anywhere these days, and it’s not unusual to see former banks, fire stations and even churches converted into one or more living spaces.

Many people think selling an unusual property is easy and that the property actually sells itself. The truth is selling an unusual property at the best price does require a slightly different approach to the selling process.

Have a plan

As with selling any property, first and foremost, you will need a plan. For instance, are you on a timetable as you’re buying another house or perhaps moving interstate? Or if you’re in no immediate rush, have you got time to make some minor renovations so the property is looking at its best when it comes to selling time?

Creating the right emotional appeal

People selling unusual property often think just because they fell in love with the uniqueness of the building, so should everyone else. This isn’t the case; for instance, not everyone likes the idea of living in a church.

Very often you’re not just selling bricks and mortar, you’re selling a piece of history too. Take the time to properly research the building and any interesting quirks can be added to the marketing material.

Unusual properties may also come with a lifestyle choice, such as living in a rural area; potential buyers will need to be connected to the idea of living this lifestyle and enjoying the benefits it brings.

Creative marketing

Unusual properties attract a certain type of person so you really need to make sure you’re getting the property in front of these people. As well as listing the property on the regular property listing outlets, selling an unusual property requires a bit more thinking outside the box.

For instance, this may include creating a bit of a PR campaign in the local media, or even media outside the locality.

Or perhaps you may increase exposure to people who have a genuine interest in the special aspects the property offers, by highlighting it for sale on related or specialist interest internet forums.

Pricing it right

Knowing how to price an unusual property takes experience. Many people are willing to pay over the odds to live in something unusual, but they are not willing to pay that much over the odds. Pricing the building at the right level will ensure it gets looked at and sold quickly.


Make sure you organise your open inspections at the time of day the property is being seen at its best. For instance, does the sun hit a particularly attractive part of the building at specific times?

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