It’s that time of year when all we want to do is wrap ourselves up in a soft blanket and snuggle up in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate!

Winter is definitely upon us.

You may think winter is the wrong time to sell a property. People assume buyers aren’t keen on coming out to inspections on a cold and wet day.

However sometimes life events, such as an interstate job offer or an addition to the family has made you realise your house simply isn’t big enough, mean you have to sell sooner than later.

In our experience, it doesn’t really matter what time of year you put your house on the market; we’ve never had a problem finding suitable buyers for excellent prices at this time of year.

Here are our reasons why we think winter is a good time to sell together with some top tips to make your house look good for sale in the winter months:

Counting the Competition

Winter is traditionally not a selling period, but it can work in your favour – less property is on the market at this time of year, potentially making your property more in demand.

Indeed, property prices have been known to even spike in the winter months because people needed to buy at this time and property for sale was in short supply.

Give Your Property Some Appeal

When it comes to inspections, your property can be made to look very appealing even in winter. A well-lit, warm and cosy house is very welcoming on a cold, wet day. Cleaning the house, clearing it of clutter, washing the windows and making it smell nice generally make your house more inviting, but with a winter inspection, make sure it’s warm but not stuffy and use lights to enhance the homely feel.

Putting an umbrella stand by the door and making sure there is a mat for people to wipe their feet on will not only prevent muddy footprints and water drips throughout the house, it will also give the impression of a well-kept house.

Brighten Up Your Garden

Clearing paths of leaves and any moss and washing down the decking will help your property look good. Putting some winter blooms in a planter box will also help brighten the exterior on a winter’s day.

Simple improvements

Some simple improvements such as a lick of paint and fixing leaking taps and squeaky doors will make your house more appealing. Take a look at our article on other cheap and simple ways on how to prepare your house and potentially add value.

Plan Your Open Inspections

While you can’t control the weather, you can at least check the forecast and chose a weekend where the forecast is looking reasonable. And make sure the inspection doesn’t clash with an important footie match or any other major events (such as a General Election!) too.

When you’re looking at times, have a think about the time of day when the property looks good in natural light. Is the property bathed in sunlight in the morning or afternoon?

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