The hard-working team from Professionals Fred Andriessen stays on top of the latest property market information in order to deliver the best possible service to their clients.

The past few years have seen an avalanche of gloomy stories in the media about the state of the property market in some States. When you think that the average home owner usually sells only several times throughout their lifetime, it is easy to understand why homeowners are cautious when it comes to selling their property.

So how do you sell your property in the current market? what steps should you take to ensure yourself the best chance of getting a good return on the sale of your house?

You must have an agent who has a solid track record of selling in the current market. This newsletter examines the track record of one local agent who consistently performs.

The team at Professionals Fred Andriessen study the property market carefully so that they are fully informed when it comes to advising their clients about current conditions.

Believing that helping property owners to make informed decisions about the best course for them is a crucial part of the service that Professionals Fred Andriessen offers.

At Professionals Fred Andriessen they maintain real estate statistical records for their clients.

Although trend information and statistics provide a great starting point when it comes to making decisions about your property, the property market is changeable and varies widely in different areas. That’s why it is crucial that you seek professional advice when it comes to buying or selling property. The team at Professionals Fred Andriessen are fully experienced in marketing and selling property, and are also very knowledgeable about the latest market conditions in your local area.

Setting the correct price at which your property will sell quickly and achieve the highest possible price for you in the prevailing market is juist the beginning of a successful sale.

The Professionals Fred Andriessen team are great communicators and negotiators with strong track records in their area. They understand how to attract buyers using their highly professional marketing skills, and how to negotiate a sale.

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