What Does The Rest Of Australia Know That We Don’t?

The Real Estate Market has seen plenty of ‘buyers’ around so far this year, including strong enquires from investors. Interestingly, many of our investor enquiries and purchasers are being made from people from outside of Newcastle, and I mean right away from us. Yes we have had buyers this year from Sydney and Canberra, but we have also sold several properties to people in Melbourne and even Perth.

Why? These people are true property investors who are only interested in increasing their wealth. They don’t want to live in the property, they look at it solely as an investment, researching the market thoroughly and taking numerous factors into consideration when deciding on what and where they will make their purchase.

Newcastle is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s investment hotspots. It’s an area of long term capital growth, meaning that at the moment, you more likely to get an above average increase in value on your property over the long term. Ideal if you want to refinance at a later date to fund other properties, or you can sell it at a good profit.

Properties in this area are affordable and with good rental returns. Plus we’ve been experiencing low vacancy rates for some time now, meaning properties are unlikely to be sat empty for extended periods of time.

All too often, because it’s always there, we don’t realise what we have our back yard. If you are serious about investing, you should seriously consider looking at what this area has to offer. A good resource which will give potential property investors lots of information on different areas is www.myrp.com.au.

As well as doing your research, before purchasing an investment property, we strongly advise you to consult with your financial adviser or accountant to make sure your overall situation fits with the best financial interests of property investment.

Property News Issue 37