Death and taxes are the two certainties in life according to the old adage. Selling a property is hard enough, let alone when emotions are running high because we’re grieving for a loved one.

While we don’t like to think about death and dying, it does pay to think about these things before the event. The aftermath of a loved one passing away can be less complicated if important conversations and the sharing of information and intentions are made clear beforehand.

For instance, to make the process easier:

– Draw up a will.

–  Share bank account details, names of lawyers and lists of assets with a trusted person.

– Communicate between family members.

– Keep a folder at home with legal papers, wills, financial documents, names of solicitors and so on.

Hindsight is a powerful thing, and the last thing you want at a traumatic time is to make the wrong decision or be faced with a legal minefield because finances weren’t in order.

At Andriessen Property, we’re always trying to make your life easier and your real estate experience exceptional.

This is why we’ve got a handy FREE resource to help prepare you and get you through the challenging times.

Written in plain English by property law specialist lawyer Allan Farrar, “Selling in Unexpected Circumstances” contains critical knowledge to help families navigate the difficult legal and property waters in the event of a loved one passing.

You can get this e-book straight to your phone. Simply text the word ‘UNEXPECTED’ to 0416 906 799 and we will send you a link so can download it direct.

In the e-book you’ll also find details of what you can do now to make the process less complicated.

From property tax issues, valuations and selling a property to explaining power of attorney, dealing with debt and what to do if there are disputes, “Selling in Unexpected Circumstances”  will help prepare you and see through a challenging time by giving you the knowledge to make made informed decisions.

We do more than simply sell or manage property – we’re here to make your life easier, particularly at a challenging time. Our compassionate and experienced team are there for you and will be very understanding of your needs and situation.

This is why, with over 40 years in the business, we are one of Newcastle’s longest established real estate offices. Drop into the Cardiff office or give us a call on 02 4954 8833. Or send us an email to: – we’d love to hear from you.

And don’t forget to text the word ‘UNEXPECTED’ to 0416 906 799 to instantly receive the free book.

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