If you’re new to the home-buying process, or even if you’re not, it’s always good to visit a few basics. There are a few questions you need to ask – of yourself, as well as the real estate agent – to make sure you won’t regret your purchase later down the track.

Questions to ask the agent

  • Have you a recent property sales report to show what the house is worth?

You want to be sure you’re not going to pay over market price for the property.

  • How long have the owners lived there?

If they’ve only lived there for a short time, you want to know why they’re moving out so quickly. It might be they’ve got a new job or there is a relationship breakup, but if there are noisy neighbours, you might want to rethink putting in an offer.

  • Why is the vendor selling?

If the owner needs a quick sale, they might accept a lower price.

  • How long has the property been on the market?

If it’s been on the market for a while, find out why. There could be an issue with the property, or the asking price is too high.

  • Are there any known issues with the property, land or neighbours’ properties?

You need to know what you’re buying into. A major problem with the property or arguments over boundaries could be costly.

  • What is included in the sale?

Always good to know what you’re getting for the price! And what you’ll need to purchase once the property is yours.

  • How much are council rates / strata fees?

You need to factor ongoing costs into your budget.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Can I really afford this property?

You’ve got a budget, so stick to it. The last thing you want to be doing is selling the property early because you’ve overstretched yourself.

  • Is the home a good investment for you

Make sure it fits with your long-term plans – for instance, you may want to rent it out in the future.

  • Can I live in this neighbourhood for the next few years?

If you’re buying a home in an area you haven’t lived in before, make sure you get to know the area and you’ve visited at different times of the day. That way you’ll get a feel for whether you want to live there for an extended period of time. (It may be worthwhile renting in the area for 6 months to see if you enjoy it).

  • Am I thinking with my head or my heart over this property?

If there are issues with the property, or it’s more expensive than you can afford, walk away, there will be a better one round the corner more suited to your needs. You don’t want to find yourself struggling financially later down the track – you want to enjoy living there!

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