Sometimes life doesn’t work out quite the way we plan – when that interstate job offer comes up there isn’t always the time and money available to do the property makeover you’d always intended to do before you sold.

But don’t worry, you can still make your property look attractive even on a limited budget or schedule.

1. Declutter

This is the number one way to make your property attractive. Get rid of coats and umbrellas in the entrance, clear the shelves of nick nacks and personal items and remove any unnecessary furniture.

2. Clean clean clean

Next to decluttering, cleaning the house is a must. This includes the windows, skirting boards, and around light switches and door knobs.

3. Make your home smell nice

Try to eliminate smells such as cigarette and pets by using carpet deodorises and ensuring the property is well aired – especially in the areas such as the laundry and bathroom. Use air fresheners and reed diffusers, and cooks may consider baking some bread to give the house a homely smell.

4. Be smart with the lights

Allow natural light flow into the home. Open curtains and blinds and make sure the windows are sparkling. Strategically placed lamps and mirrors can be used to enhance the natural light and create the feeling of space.

5. Selling the dream

Remember you are selling a lifestyle or a dream so items like flowers and an open book on the coffee table, a bottle of wine and glasses on an outdoor setting or logs set to burn in a fireplace can help sell this.

6. Tidy up the outside

Mow the lawn, sweep up the leaves, roll the garden hose up and clear up any toys. Flowers and pot plants can brighten up a home and fresh mulch can refresh garden beds and minimise any weeds re-growing.

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