Potential buyers love space, and they love to imagine their belongings in your property.

Creating more space (or at least the illusion of!) is a cost effective way of improving your home’s chance of selling quickly and at a good price.

By putting in a small amount of effort, these tips will make your house instantly appear more spacious:


Step back and take a critical look at each room. Does the room look crowded?

For instance, do six chairs around the table look better than eight chairs? Coffee tables and stools do look great – but not several of them in one room when you’re looking to sell.

Each room should be furnished to accentuate its functionality, so remove unnecessary smaller items of furniture and store them elsewhere.

Put away those personal items

Photographs, vases, ornaments, books and overseas trinkets, look great and are a part of your life – but they are your personal items and not the potential buyers’. When you’re preparing your property for sale, pack up your collectables, both to protect them and also to enhance a spacious feel. Leave just enough items, preferably neutral ones, to give the property a homely touch and for people to imagine their own personal items on display.

This is a great time to dispose of items no longer needed, and it will help lessen the work involved when you do sell and move to your new home.

Clear the clutter

We’re all guilty of having clutter around our homes; bowls get filled with bits and pieces, tables make good dumping ground for paperwork and then there’s the ‘potential useful’ items we may need later down the track piled up in a corner.

Once again, sorting through these items will help kick-start the packing process and is a perfect time for disposing of the items you don’t use or really need.

Organise your storage space

You need to showcase the amount of storage space there is by packing away clothes, kitchen utensils and gadgets, and other items you don’t need in the next few weeks.

Jam-packed cupboards are a turnoff and won’t fully represent the available space.

Let in the light

Lighting creates a sense of space. Open all curtains and blinds, turn on lamps and lights before an open house.

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