Whether you’re buying a property for an investment or buying it for a home, we believe costs for a pre-purchase property inspection report should be factored into your buying budget.

Costs of property reports do vary, but a good property report will inspect everything – from the roof space to the flooring and even the outbuildings. Furthermore, because it’s done by an independent, there is no emotion attached to it and any flaws will be detailed. You will however need to do further homework by seeking advice on approximate costs for rectifying any problems that may come up.

Here are just some of the benefits of paying for a good pre-purchase property inspection report:

It Will Save You Money in the Long Run

While there is an initial outlay, it could be worth it in the long run. For instance, if you opt for a thorough $500 pre-purchase property report and it discovers rusting that will cause a major structural repair costing tens of thousands of dollars, it may be the best five hundred bucks you’ve ever spent.

Something to Negotiate With

While the report may not reveal any major defects with the property, costs to repair minor faults, such as leaking in a bathroom, can be used when negotiating on the price.

Budget for Repairs

The advantage of a property report does mean you’ll know exactly what needs doing and you won’t be hit with additional costs later down the track.

Keeping you Safe

Faulty electrical wiring, unhealthy mould, or even worse… asbestos, will all be revealed in a good property report. You want to know the property you’re buying is safe to move into, or what work needs to be done to make the property habitable.

Conforms to Regulations

While the garage conversion or pergola are great selling points, do they conform to building regulations? If not, at best you’ll need to rectify the problem, and at worse, you’ll need to take the structure down. Although not always included in a pre-purchase property report, it is also wise to check whether any additions to the building have the correct council or strata approval.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important aspect of a pre-property report is it gives you peace of mind you are buying a property without any surprises. You know what you’re buying and you’re not going to be hit with massive unexpected costs later down the road.

For more information on pre-purchase property reports, look at the NSW Fairtrading website:

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