You’ve made all those little repairs, given the property a new lick of paint, and it’s spotless. Is there anything else you can do?

Yes there is.

Presentation is the one aspect which will help differentiate your property from the similar one for sale a couple of blocks away. In fact, some claim you can increase your property value by up to 10 per cent by getting the presentation style right.

Another big plus is a well-presented property looks great in publicity material. This usually attracts more bidders at auctions and people to open inspections, and in our experience, a stylishly presented property often sells quicker too.

Disconnect the emotion

The secret to presenting your property is to make the potential buyer see it as their own home, not as your home. This is why decluttering and removing personal pictures, trinkets and any old or clunky furniture with sentimental value is important.

If you’re finding it hard to lose the emotions, remember you are moving on to a new property and the next phase of your life, so try to think of the property now as an investment, not as your home.

Show ideas

In our experience, people spend longer in a well-presented, furnished room than an empty one. Ideally, each room should be presented in such a way it inspires the potential buyer with what they can do with the room. For instance, an empty bedroom room may give the feeling of space, but you also want to show it’s possible to fit a double bed in it.

Give ideas for when they are living in the property; show how the quirky small spaces can be utilised, use neutral pictures and cushions, and simple, low-key modern furniture. Creative lighting will also literally show a room in a different light.

Make it homely

Fresh flowers, reed diffusers, cinnamon and scented oil burners are great ways to eliminate unsavoury smells. Strategically placed cups or glasses in entertaining areas, an open cookbook in the kitchen and a basket of fresh fruit can all enhance the atmosphere.

Some choose to use the services of a professional stylist as they will look at the property without the emotion however, employing a stylist isn’t within everyone’s immediate budget. This is why we’ve created a great little FREE resource help to maximise the value of your house on a budget.

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