Contrary to all predictions in the media at the beginning of the year, we have seen fabulous growth in property prices, with Cardiff and surrounding areas – up nearly 5 per cent as of July and the trend is continuing. In August we sold a house on Camille St at $9,000 above the asking price, and on Hill St for a great $15,000 above the asking price.

“There are definitely people wanting to buy,” confirms Fred Andriessen, Principal Professionals Fred Andriessen. “But it takes a bit more than low interest rates and a good finance deal to sell a property.”

“Because we’ve been in the area for nearly 40 years, not only do we know out market really well, but we know how to market a property for it to sell well,” explains Fred. “We use all the latest technology, quality photographs and videos to ensure our properties get the maximum exposure to potential buyers. As a result, our properties are on 15 different websites, including a lot of social media networks too.

“Our research also shows buyers still turn to the local newspaper when looking for a property which is why we take out three full colour pages in our local newspaper each week too,” continues Fred. “Property sellers get this additional exposure without having to pay these advertising costs as we cover all the expenses.”

We believe property owners should get the best price for their property, which is why we also advise how to present property for sale, and give helpful tips on what can be done to potentially help increase the sale price too.

“Little things like polishing windows and fluffy towels in the bathroom don’t just welcome a person into a house, they assure the buyer the property has been looked after,” says Fred. “We are skilled professionals with years of experience behind us. This is why we work with you to devise a marketing plan which not only sells your property, but gets you thebest price in the current market.”

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