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Why long-term rentals just got more attractive

Short-term lettings are under the spotlight again following changes to the State’s short-term letting laws. The new rules aim to address impacts such as noise levels, disruptive guests and effects on shared neighbourhood amenities. Strata owner corporations now have the power to introduce by-laws prohibiting the short-term letting of houses or apartments in their block if they are not the... Continue reading

Changes to make to get you on the property ladder

Housing affordability has been a hot topic for some time now. You may think you’ll never get to own your own property or move up the ladder, but by making some changes and with a little lateral thinking, there are ways. Interest rates are still low, and if you are a first-time homebuyer, you apply for a grant and/or access your super Now if you are really serious about buying a house o... Continue reading

3 property investment scams

From bogus consultants asking you to sign up to a fictional government program promising financial incentives to an African prince or princess offering you a cut of several millions if you help them get money out of the country, there are unfortunately a lot of unscrupulous people looking for ways to relieve you of your hard earned cash. The tactics scammers use vary according to the indust... Continue reading

Property viewing checklist

If you’re buying a car, after seeing the ad with the nice shiny pictures, you view the car. Most people will walk round looking at the bodywork and tyres, turn the engine over, take it for a drive, and check under the bonnet. Non-mechanical people may well take a mechanic with them who will pick up on something which isn’t quite working right. Buying a property is probably the most expe... Continue reading

Cultivate your mindset to success

Mindset is talked about a lot these days; you need the mindset for this and the mindset for that, and you need the right mindset for investing in property. Going in with a half-hearted attitude or giving up at the first challenge is not what property investment is about. Investing in property is within many people’s reach, so what’s stopping you? Here are some tips to cultivate yo... Continue reading

Tips on how to maximise space when preparing your house for sale

Potential buyers love space, and they love to imagine their belongings in your property. Creating more space (or at least the illusion of!) is a cost effective way of improving your home’s chance of selling quickly and at a good price. By putting in a small amount of effort, these tips will make your house instantly appear more spacious: Furnishings Step back and take a critical ... Continue reading

How to Add Value and Increase Deductions When Renovating

Putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, landscaping the garden, or any other major renovation will instantly add value to your property and potentially increase your rental income, but there are other advantages too. Some property investors may not be aware you can claim some tax back on the depreciation of assets. If you are thinking of renovating, it is always important to list and value th... Continue reading

Investing in property is within your reach

  The latest figures* released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows property investment is still in many people’s reach and many are using negative gearing to help them reach their financial goals; figures show 62 per cent of people who negatively gear one property have taxable incomes under $80,000. Breaking the figures down by professions, these include over 396,00... Continue reading

10 great quotes to keep you motivated

  If you want to achieve your property dreams and goals, it’s important you have the right mindset. There will be times when paperwork seems overwhelming or you come across some other challenges, but when times get tough or a bit difficult, to keep ourselves motivated, we always say, everyone needs somewhere to live. Property has kept us in business for over 40 years so we beli... Continue reading

Preparing for your renovation

  We Australians love to renovate – just look at the number of TV renovation reality shows! Renovations are a great way of increasing the value of your property, but you do need to be properly prepared. Your whole life will be uprooted and it will get messy for starters. Then there is the added stress of meeting unexpected challenges and seeing your budget spiral upwards with unfo... Continue reading