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101 ways to maintain and prepare your home for profit

We’ve got a great little resource which will help you maximise your price and to make the sale of your property an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our FREE booklet, 101 ways to maintain and prepare your home for profit, is packed full of tips and ideas to help you prepare your property for sale. From making repairs and checking paintwork and wallpaper for peeling or wear and tear, to ... Continue reading

How to measure the state of the property market

There doesn’t seem to be a week go by without conflicting reports of a predicted property boom or bust. The truth is property values do follow a cycle - values rise, remain steady or even decline during certain phases of the cycle. And very often, while one area appears to be cooling or on the down, another area will be enjoying a rise in property value. So how do you measure what’s ... Continue reading

Living off equity – is it a good investor strategy?

For those who have several properties, one investment strategy that has been touted around for a while now is releasing capital and living off the equity. The strategy works on the principle of you borrowing against one of the properties and you use that loan to live off. In the meantime, your property portfolio continues to increase in value and you still have all your assets. Advocates... Continue reading

Edgeworth is in the top 50 ‘supercharged’ suburbs in Australia

We’ve always said property in our area will significantly increase in value, and now it’s official – according to the latest Price Predictor Index (PPI) research from specialist property website the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region is named as one of the 50 ‘supercharged’ suburbs in Australia. The website’s creator and property expert Terry Ryder told news... Continue reading

The difference of a decade

Ten years ago, when people spoke about ‘the cloud’ they generally were referring to the fluffy white things we see in the sky. The social media platforms Facebook and Twitter were in their infancy and no one had heard of Instagram or Snapchat. We had to watch television programmes when they were broadcast and head to the DVD shop to hire films, and most of us were still trying to naviga... Continue reading

Why a pre-settlement inspection can save you money

As well as having building and pest inspections, did you know you’re entitled to a final inspection of the property you are buying before you take possession of it? Known as a pre-settlement inspection, this inspection is your chance to check all fixtures and fittings are working and to confirm all the contractual requirements and specifications have been met before you sign on the dotted... Continue reading

5 resolutions to keep in this new financial year

  With the financial year-end behind us, now is the ideal time to get organised and make a few new financial year resolutions to get you on your way to reaching your financial goals. Regularly review your finances It’s always good to review your finances from time to time so this year, put a note in your diary to review your finances on a relatively regular basis – say onc... Continue reading

The sting of stamp duty

The latest Housing Industry Association (HIA)’s Stamp Duty Watch report (found at shows stamp duty in Australia has doubled in the last 8 years. Stamp duty is the tax paid on any property purchase. It  is based on a proportion of a transaction’s value and in Australia, is charged on a sliding scale; property buyers pay a higher percentage as the property price increases... Continue reading

Why long-term rentals just got more attractive

Short-term lettings are under the spotlight again following changes to the State’s short-term letting laws. The new rules aim to address impacts such as noise levels, disruptive guests and effects on shared neighbourhood amenities. Strata owner corporations now have the power to introduce by-laws prohibiting the short-term letting of houses or apartments in their block if they are not the... Continue reading

Changes to make to get you on the property ladder

Housing affordability has been a hot topic for some time now. You may think you’ll never get to own your own property or move up the ladder, but by making some changes and with a little lateral thinking, there are ways. Interest rates are still low, and if you are a first-time homebuyer, you apply for a grant and/or access your super Now if you are really serious about buying a house o... Continue reading